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Oluwakemi  in blue dress seated with laptop on her leg smiling to the camera.

Eagles Voice is a woman led not for profit organization empowering blind and partially women with basic skills to attaining leadership roles in Nigeria. 

Why Eagle's voice

Eagles are large keen- sighted bird of prey known for their strong wings and strong soaring flight. They symbolize Resilience, Power, Boldness, Tenacity which are attributes of leaders. They are said to have weak voice but we believe in symbiotic and communal relationship. For us, a blind or visually impaired woman sees with the strong eyes of an Eagle. Which is four- eight times powerful than an average human adult

Golden Eagle flying

Blind women are potential leaders and nation builders

A lady in red displaying confidence while speaking before other blind women

Connecting the dots

Access to employment for blind and partially sighted women in Nigeria is difficult because of the partnership between ignorance and blindness. The negative perception of disabilities and myths about blindness has increased the attitude of the government and the people towards the equal participation of blind women in leadership roles.

Overall, blind and partially sighted women find it difficult to integrate to the society due to low self- confidence, lack of skills etc. making it difficult to achieve the overarching aim of the Sustainable Development Goals especially the SDG 5 & 10 and other human rights treaty for a sustainable society.

Our driving force

Blindness is perceived as a burden to the family or society. very little have been done to support self- integration of blind women who on daily bases face multiple challenges such as violence, lack of basic skills in mobility, communication etc. which hinders their full and equal participation in the society. 

at Eagles Voice through our various programs we strengthen the potentials of the blind women and equip them with basic skills to enhance their  participation in nation building


A blind lady hosting a live radio show with studio microphone before her

2023 International Women’s Day

In line with the Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 8) on descent work and SDG 10 to reduce inequalities, Eagles Voice Organisation is committed to equip blind women to attain leadership roles.Eagles Voice joins all women globally to commemorate the 2023 international women’s day.

We stand for integration, digital innovation and partnership to promote the rights of women and girls with disabilities in Nigeria.

Even as 2023 marks a significant year in the political system of Nigeria where leaders are elected to various Federal and states and local government offices, This is a clarion call to all women with disabilities specifically the blind and visually impaired women in Nigeria to be ready to change the narrative and be politically inclined. Through technology we can address gender equity and bring forth a more sustainable Nigeria for all regardless of age, disabilities, and cultural background.

Additionally, we stand for an equitable society where the blind and partially sighted women can stand tall in the labour market as influencers and developers with an innovative approach to solving problems. These and many more is what Eagles Voice calls.

Our message on 2023 IWD:

#IWD2023: Eagles Voice Calls on Government to Promote Policies that Support PWDs

(second Press statement by Inclusive news)

Group urges Govt to promote policies and laws that address PWDs’ needs


SDG 8: Descent work and economic growth

SDG 10

SDG 10: Reduce inequalities

International Instruments We Align With

In line with the Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 8) on descent work and SDG 10 to reduce inequalities, Eagles Voice Organisation is committed to equip blind women to attain leadership roles.

A group of people excited and participated in conversation about self-development.

"You and i can make the difference"

There are many reasons why people give up in life. Some of which are poverty, depression, societal pressure and less talked about “disability”.

The World Health Organization estimates that there are about one billion people globally who are either blind or visually impaired. However, little efforts are made to promote self- integration of the blind and visually impaired into the society.

At Eagles Voice, we may not understand your pain, or ways at which you are blind or visually impaired but we are here to ensure blind and visually impaired women/ girls are acquire basic skills to enable the integration of blind and visually impaired women back to the society and enjoy their lives as any other person with or without disability. We anchor our strength on “no matter how much we fall. We keep ploughing ahead’ the success of a woman is our joy and to see a society where regardless of disability, everyone is given equal opportunity.

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